⚠️ This is public BETA version of this software. This means there may still be some bugs, but it's already doing its job.



This is the first released version of this software, so many things are not completed including the content of this document. However, we ensure you that your data is safe when it is imported to https://sync.oobikes.com. We recommend reading terms of use as well.

Quick summary

  • The user keeps full ownership of its data.
  • The user's data is not shared to anyone else without explicit permission.
  • The project respects privacy settings related to the user and activities coming from Strava.
  • The project doesn't modify your data in Strava at all as it requests readonly access.
  • The anonymized user's data may be used to generate global statistics like how many kilometers have been imported by users per year. However, it will always be shared publicly for all users for common good and entertainment. More over, there are no features like that right now.
  • The project is secured by the newest technology and encryption using SSL certificates according to the standards in the software industry.
  • The user may delete the account and all related data within a seconds.

Cookies policy

  • Cookies are used only for the user's comfort.
  • Cookies allow to remember your login session.
  • Cookies allow to remember your preferred units or language between login sessions.
  • The project doesn't use cookies to track users in any way.
  • The user can disable cookies in the browser, but then some parts of the site will not function properly.

We ensure that protecting your best interest and privacy is our highest priority.